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King's College London, 3rd - 6th July 2010

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International Roles

CCH and CeRch have been active in the digital humanities over many years, and staff have played many key roles, and continue to do so. It is a matter of departmental policy to support subscription to LLC as tangible engagement with the international digital humanities community, establishing it as a key element of professional development and practice while at the same time providing practical support to AHDO and the associations.  CCH and CeRch regularly have ten or more registrations for the annual DH conference.

Harold Short has been ALLC Chair since 1996, Lorna Hughes is a past President of ACH, having served two terms, and both played important roles in the establishment of ADHO. Other CCH/CeRch involvements include a number of Executive council members of both ALLC and ACH over the years, and a number Chairs and members of conference Programme Committees. John Lavagnino was Programme Committee Chair for the 2001 conference at New York University - Lorna Hughes was the Local Organiser for this conference, though she was then at NYU, prior to her move to King's.

A number of staff have been involved in TEI since the beginning, and made key contributions to the transition process that led to the establishment of the TEI Consortium. We have provided members of the Board of Directors (Short, Lavagnino) and currently have 2 members on the Council (Pierazzo, Bodard). CCH has also taken the lead in ‘project’ membership of the TEI, now building annual subscription into the funding proposals for relevant projects as a matter of course.

We are deeply engaged in digital humanities publications. Marilyn Deegan has been Editor of LLC since 1996, while Willard McCarty has been Editor of Humanist since 1987. In July 2008 Willard will become Editor of Inter-Disciplinary Science Review. Marilyn Deegan, Lorna Hughes and Harold Short are Series Editors of the Ashgate series Digital Research in the Arts & Humanities, whose first 9 volumes come out of the expert seminars of the AHRC ICT Methods Network, but with plans to extend the series beyond this. We also have Editors & board members of Digital Classicist, and are responsible for

We have organized seminars, conferences, and workshops over many years. These include: the King’s Seminar in Humanities Computing; the London Seminar in Digital Texts and Scholarship; DRH1999; CLiP2006 (Conference on Literature, Language and Philology); Communicating Culture 2007; successive e- Science themes in the Humanities and Arts; and over 60 Methods Network events 2005-08, with more than 1,000 participants. We must add to that the very large number of events organized by the AHDS Executive over many years.

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